Establishment & Featured Products                                                 Location
 MFLAB is established in the year 2011.                                MFLAB locates in the eastern
 We are mainly focusing on the products                                coast of China, Ningbo Port,
 including respiratory products, anesthetic                              also near Shanghai Port.
medical products, laboratory products, etc.                            Convenient for shipment.


              Scope                                                                                    Certification

Our MFLAB production area is covering 15,500 m2.              We MFLAB have been passed by GMP,
 Among it, it is including 100000 grade                                  ISO13485, US FDA on-site Audit, Saudi
 purificationworkshops and cleaning room,                           Arabian FDA on-site Audit, Malaysian MOH
totally 9,200 m2. There are more than 250                            on-site Audit, TUV CE 0197 certification of
workers in the production line.                                               more than 40 products, and a number of patents.

             Export                                                                                 Reputation Concept
 Our MFLAB products have been exported                            We MFLAB devote to build a professional
 to over 100 countries worldwide through a                             service team to respond to your inquiries,
 network of distributors and subsidiaries,                                 provide information accordingly and
covering North American, South American,                            discuss your requirements.
 European, Asian and African countries.


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